Our sheep are having their babies and we [so far] have 6 orphan lambs…

Please note that the lambs we have for our tourists to bottle-feed ARE orphans (usually abandoned / sick / weak / or a triplet which the mum cannot feed).
They are NOT “taken” just for the sake of it !!
Actually, we’d far rather a lamb be raised by its mother than for us to have to bottle-feed it. It costs 3x more, often the lamb gets tummy upset from the milk formula (so there’s added expense with medicines), and then there’s the time involved with feeding…Initially these lambs get colostrum formula for 2 days, and then go on around 65mls (that’s just over 2oz) of milk formula every 2 hours! This will increase in the coming weeks, but bottle-feeding needs to be introduced gradually….not “get as much milk into the lamb as quickly as possible”! Tummy upsets can occur as quickly as between feeds, so monitoring is crucial, especially in the early days. Then, when you start increasing the amount of milk per feed, you need to watch for bloating and tummy upsets!

Here are some of our babies you’ll get to see (cuddle, kiss, and feed).

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