“Nau mai, Haere mai – Welcome”

Our family were some of the early pioneers
of the West Auckland area.

We are based at our own sheep farm which has been in our family for 94 years.

We are just 40 minutes from Downtown, and as Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city (having 31% of the population!), it is quite rare to find a “real” working sheep farm so close to the city. Coast to Coast Tours® sheep farm is not a purpose-built “tourist attraction” (performing shows), nor is it “open” to the general Public.
It is, however, the only owner-owned working sheep farm minutes from the city that you have access to as part of a tour.

It is farmed by ourselves, (Stuart & Donna) and we have 2 daughters, Mary and Emma.

Stuart has been a sheep farmer on this farm all of his working life. He is NZ BORN and of European descent; (Scottish & Irish).

Donna is part Ngai Tahu Maori, adores animals, and a FMS sufferer with severe food and chemical sensitivities. The ‘eco’ and as-chemical-free-as-possible lifestyle is a huge priority!

During our travels as a family group, we thought how it would have been nice to interact more with “the locals” and experience their lifestyle. So, after we noted the absence of these types of tours (-especially in the Auckland region!), we thought about starting an ECO-tour.

We formed ‘Coast to Coast Tours’ in 2001

It’s a tour to get you out of the city, to see the REAL New Zealand, and explore the coast and countryside attractions in the region where our family has lived since 1922.
We are long time residents of the West Auckland, Muriwai Beach area and along with our “LOCAL-ONLY” operating policy we are passionate about bringing supreme service to tourists.

Our tours are quite different from the way most other large tour companies are operated…

We will be hosting you for the entire time on this tour –
…not,  driving you to places to participate in various activities operated by others.

  • we don’t have any staff (or “guides”)…
    (of which you may get tangled-up with on their “bad-hair” days!)
  • we don’t have a fleet of vehicles and trip-off to all parts of the country…
    (because giving back to your LOCAL community is part of  ‘TRUE’ Eco-tour practice!)

We let real-time testimonials from people who have -actually been on our tour- tell it as-it-is!

We are focused on -YOU- the tourist,
and providing a genuine, authentic and unique Auckland tour.

Our tours operate on a very personal level, as you’ll also be visiting our home.
There is no other Auckland tour where you can do this
So, if we sound like the kind of people you would feel comfortable sharing your time in Auckland with,
then climb on-board…

“You’ll arrive as visitors but leave as friends”

Stu and Donna owner operators of Auckland Coast to Coast Tours

…we look forward to meeting you!

your hosts; Stuart & Donna Hamilton


>>>***please note***<<<
Due to the mainly Adult itinerary, our tours are not [really] suitable for young children
(that is, our farm is not a “theme-park attraction” for kids)


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