An Auckland Day Tour spending most of your time traveling
is NOT what this tour is about!

This tour has [at least] 9 activities, very little in-the-bus travel,
NO hiking …(in fact there is very little walking), and NO swimming.

And… our guests recommend –  this is your best value-for-money day tour to experience Auckland in one “un-hurried” day!

This Auckland day trip has ALL of these INCLUDING visit to our own *private* sheep farm!
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Auckland Coast and Country tour MAP


During this *unique* tour you’ll see the best of west Auckland’s coast and countryside attractions.

You’ll feel a world away, and yet you are never anymore than 40 minutes from downtown Auckland city!

Moments after your pick-up, you’ll stop for 1/2 hour at a craft market called CRAFTWORLD (1), for an opportunity to shop for genuine New Zealand products. (There’s NO pressure-selling, and we pass the full 15% discount voucher onto you, …not pocket a 10% commission like other Auckland Day Tours do!). You’ll next enjoy a WINE TASTING EXPERIENCE (2) at an award-winning winery, and then an upmarket lunch which is usually at Provenance restaurant. (Lunch includes an alcoholic beverage if you desire!) (3). Taking your tour with us means you’ll visit the world-famous takapu GANNET COLONY (4) and you will see MURIWAI beach, with the tour company that actually LIVES there! Muriwai is one of west Auckland’s black iron-sand beaches, and the wild Tasman Sea coastline is very impressive.  Just 7 minutes away, is our New Zealand SHEEP FARM (5), where you will be welcomed (-in Maori-), into our historic Homestead. You will be shown around, and be able to take in the New Zealand-lifestyle of our typical family home. We’ll run you through a HONEY-tasting of the NZ Manuka honey (and others!). Then outside, you will be able to feed and touch pet New Zealand sheep and see our other ANIMALS and BIRDS. Come for a walk through our New Zealand native GARDEN on the way over to our historic (1930’s) WOOLSHED for a display on wool and New Zealand sheep farming. Coast to Coast Tours offset their tour carbon EMISSIONS with our “unique-to-Auckland” tree planting project. It’s then back to the Homestead to freshen-up for AFTERNOON TEA …(Donna’s homemade Pavlova)

WE are Food Handling Certified!

LUNCH (along with wine/beer), is also included …and it’s your choice of one main from the upmarket cafe menu.

But please, DO compare our Auckland day tour itinerary, the unique experiences you will have, PRICE, (and see if [what and where] lunch and/or afternoon tea is included on these other tours??).

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