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Mission Statement for Auckland Eco-tour and farm Visit Coast to Coast Tours


– As part of our operating licence with the Auckland Regional Council that allows us to visit Parks and Reserves, we have to submit a contingency plan that shows how we minimise environmental impact and safety hazards.

– We ONLY operate in the region where we live, so profits are directed back into our local community.


NZ Native trees; (planted on our own farm) to ‘offset’ carbon emissions from the tour. Current rate is 6 trees planted for every 10 trips. >>AIM: To better this planting rate by effective advertising (which is now in our new brochure).

LATEST NEWS… Individual trees can still be purchased, but as from Sep. 2010 we will be planting a tree for every tour we do!

-Vehicles serviced regularly (and locally). Vehicles driven by RPM. >>AIM: continue to monitor fuel consumption, and keep abreast/upgrade to more fuel efficient vehicle in the future.

– Minimum 2 pax required to operate tour reduces uneconomical transport. >>AIM: to increase number of pax per trip by securing more contracts.


-Our tour business is combined with our household, and we are already Recycling & Reusing. >>AIM: to find other ways to reduce our waste even more!

-We buy locally whenever possible.

– All food scraps are returned to the ground for composting (or eaten by our animals!).

– Animal droppings used as manure.

– Tails from lambs (after docking) are used as fretiliser for our potato crop.

– We have recently re-planted our home vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard. UPDATE (Sept 2010) Garden extended. And in Oct 2013 another garden was added.

– All discarded household effects are donated to charity. >>AIM: to continue to do this.


– Our farm has (and has always had) its own source of water (rainwater), thereby making us extremely water conscious!

– We have installed an environmentally-friendly wood burner fireplace which also heats our hot water.

– We have an energy-efficient Heat Pump.

– All electrical appliances are switched off/stand-by, when not in use. >>AIM: monitor and find ways to reduce more. (We are aiming to get a wind-turbine in the next few years).


– Coast to Coast Tours uses environmentally friendly cleaning products (because of Donna’s FMS and chemical ‘sensitivity’ and also the septic-tank toilet system in use at our farm). >>AIM: to continue to use these products.


– As part of our tour company, we had to obtain a Resource Consent from our Local Government. Part of this were conditions being placed upon our tour operation because our home is part of our tour’s itinerary. For this we are limited to; a certain number of coach movements, and certain hours of operation. We were in negotiation with this Council and none of the conditions are hard to work with, but it does give the Council peace of mind that these restrictions will minimise disturbance. We also have to keep a register of our tour operation. >>AIM: log the register and abide by the operating conditions.

We also GUARANTEE that you won’t find
another Auckland tour quite like ours!

FOOD HANDLING certified Please Note: For your health and safety, Coast to Coast Tours is FOOD HANDLING CERTIFIED