Let our 14 years experience, rave reviews, and unique itinerary,

be YOUR assurance to the “best Shore Excursion in Auckland”


Get your friends together…

we give GROUP DISCOUNTS for groups 6+ persons

Smaller groups can make their tour Exclusive [private, just for their group]….


This tour is NO more than 40 minutes from your boat

…but you will feel a world away!


Get ALL of these experiences ALL on the ONE tour

INCLUDING the visit to our own *private* sheep farm!

…click on the photos to see more!

Coast to Coast Tours mini-van craft shopping on Auckland tours. Auckland wine tasting tours. Auckland tours with lunch

tours to Muriwai beach west Auckland Auckland tours to gannet colony Muriwai Beach Motutara Homestead Coast to Coast Tours Auckland Maori culture  honey tasting on Auckland tour

Auckland sheep farm tours sheep farm woolshed animals on the Auckland Coast to Coast tour offset tour carbon emissions Pavlova

This Shore Excursion tour operates: 31 AUG – 31 MAR


ALL prices in NZD

(currently 1 NZD approx 0.67  USD)


Get the MOST  from your short time in Auckland Port

WITHOUT  long tiring journeys sitting in a crowded stuffy bus!


We have successfully hosted thousands of visitors during our 14 years of operating.

We even have a specialised Auckland Shore Excursions website.

Here are some factors which you may like to consider…

Many folk off Cruise Boats yearn to be hosted on a small and personalised tour.
Most people don’t want to spend wasted time sitting in a bus traveling hours away from their boat.
Everyone wants to experience something unique.
And, who doesn’t want a tour that’s value-for-money?

When it comes down to service how do you really know what you will be getting?
True, anyone can display a fancy website or an equally inviting brochure, but we let our guests tell it as it is,
…and people are talking about our tour’s difference,
because 80% of our business is through some form of referral.

Perhaps you may consider a Ship’s Tour to be “safer” because the tour is run through the Cruise Ship?
but as to how many experiences you’ll be getting, may leave you wondering…
Surely, could I be getting something MORE ?

Are you concerned as to “who” will be looking after you on your shore excursion?
…(well, you should be!!)
Because did you know that in New Zealand there are no Laws on who can become a New Zealand tour operator?
Often a NZ tour guide who tells you about New Zealand, will NOT be NZ *born* (…let alone of Indigenous descent).
It’s also highly likely these guides are “employees” too.
So many people read other traveler comments about the guide they had on their tour, so in-turn you’re ever hopeful you’ll have the same guide (or hoping you’ll not get that” guide!!).
On our tour you have no worries about who will be hosting you…you get US… as we are the owner/operators!

We are also empathetic to the requirements of Seniors…there’s no hiking, no swimming, (or standing around waiting while others in the group are taking a swim!)

wine-tasting on Auckland tours   sheep farm tours Auckland   tours of Auckland countryside

Auckland tours including afternoon tea  Muriwai Beach and gannet colony Auckland  touch lambs on Auckland tour


…just take a look at what you can have if you took your Auckland Shore Excursion tour with us;

  • TOUCHING the countryside, (not watching it go past while sitting in the coach).
  • EXPERIENCING Kiwi hosting, hospitality & lifestyle, that New Zealand is so well-known for.
  • NOT NEEDING to travel great distances from your boat to see the “real” New Zealand (we’re just 40mins from Auckland!).
  • RELAXING on a tour without the ever-consuming thought; “will we get back in time” (or being shunted along in the crowd).
  • visiting an ARRAY of attractions all on the ONE tour
  • doing an ALL-INCLUSIVE tour because you don’t want the hassle of where to find food, and don’t want to pay for “extras”
  • (And, most importantly, especially in today’s economic climate),  you’ll get a tour that’s VALUE-FOR-MONEY


You’ll be seeing the area where you are traveling to from a local-perspective because this is the region where our family has called “home” since 1922. We know LOTS of unique things for you to experience right on Auckland’s doorstepWe know these places because we are ourselves Auckland-BORN!!  …Taking a tour with us will see you warmly looked after by us as owner/operators, (you are not passed on to employed “guides” of a big tour organisation). We want you to get the most out of your time in Auckland…(because our reputation as being Auckland’s most comprehensive tour, is to be upheld!).

We bring you into our own home and to our *private* sheep farm… (this is something which NO OTHER AUCKLAND TOUR does),
…in fact, our farm is the only genuine working sheep farm where people have access to on an Auckland tour (and it’s NOT open to the general Public and NOT “purpose-built” like other Public tourist attractions are!)

PLUS…we even offset your tour carbon emissions, by planting a tree in our farm’s own Registered sink-tank reserves, for every tour we do … (something which no other Auckland tour does!)

…as we hope you are seeing, our tours are GUARANTEED quite different from “the usual” shore tours currently on offer!


and…..we get you back on time!

IT’S NEVER HAPPENED…but in a worst scenario, we can easily get alternate transport to take you back to your ship

because you are never anymore than 40 minutes away !!


The Auckland shore excursion for cruise boat passengers offered by Holland America Line

with the name ‘Coast to Coast’ is –NOT- Coast to Coast TOURS Ltd…

 We are the ORIGINAL, with the REGISTERED Company name!!

Auckland tour to countryside



#1  Opportunity to shop -[[-no “pressure-selling” !!-]]- for genuine NZ crafts at a  -h-u-g-e-  craft shop

#2  Do wine-tasting at an award-winning winery. This is the Historic wine producing region of New Zealand.. [and again, we have many stories to tell because this is the region where we live!]

#3  Enjoy the stop for lunch…and it’s your choice from the upmarket cafe menu, including wine/beer if you desire!

#4  Visit Muriwai Beach, and the Takapu Gannet Colony. This is a world-famous visitor attraction, and the region where our family has lived since 1922…[there are no other tours which are operated locally, so with us you hear the history that other visiting tours have not experienced first-hand!)

#5  Be welcomed into our ‘Motutara’ Homestead with a MAORI mihi (address). Have an overview on Maori culture, and look around our typical family home…(no other Auckland tour gives you the opportunity to get inside a real sheep farm Homestead!] Tour our woolshed and learn all about wool production on a New Zealand sheep farm.

No sheep farm “**shows**” here!! – we are a genuine working farm… [and our woolshed was built in 1930 and still has “original” equipment!]
Offset your tour emissions with our unique-to-Auckland Carbon Credit tree planting scheme…YOUR Shore Excursion will be carbon-neutral...how many of the other Auckland shore excursion tours can claim this??? )


we can cater for up to 30 persons

Auckland group tour  welcome to Motutara Homestead on Auckland shore excursion tour  Large shore excursion group tour Auckland


Read independent write-ups about this Shore Excursion tour:

Please do be aware that not all tours are the same!

(Many do not include lunch so will “appear” cheaper in $).

Also, not all tour companies operate legally or are not Registered to visit certain places!



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…and for Groups WE also make your shore excursion Carbon Neutral


Your tour also includes a complimentary Carbon Credit Native tree planting in our farm’s Native tree nursery;

a tree, growing in New Zealand, and a great feeling to know your shore excursion is sustainable.

Group tree planting on Auckland shore excursion tour Coast to Coast Tours Shore Excursion Native tree planting


walk through our New Zealand Native garden    Auckland large group sheep farm tour   Auckland sheep farm tours