You’ll share our lives and our home when you take an Auckland tour with us  

. . . you see;   we are sheep farmers 


tour operators !


Auckland tour hosts Donna and Stu

Muriwai Beach is where our family has lived and farmed since 1922. Our family were this region’s early pioneers. The community has been part of our lives since then, and we’ve watched the area change and develop.

Because we bring you to the region where we live, (-and also into our own home ), you get a more “personal” account of this area compared with the other tours which merely “visit” this region.  

Over the years, we’ve always done something “as-well-as” sheep farming…it tended to fill-in the “gaps”! (who are we trying to kid ??) With raising 2 daughters (now 26 and 28), two elderly Mothers (now dearly departed), and a string of orphaned animals, (now with offspring of their own), we’ve done fruit & vegetable growing, flower exporting, …and then some! During “intensive” flower growing, our health began to suffer; Stu some back problems, and Donna severe chemical sensitivities, and, FMS.

  We knew we had to make some changes!

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our family (on our farm) in the 1920’s

It was during an overseas trip (with our girls) to America, where we were on a large coach sightseeing tour doing “The Best of the West”, that we were taken with what tourism was all about. We’d recently had our house brought into the 21st Century…(and boy! did it need it), then, we discovered another of these “gaps” appeared in our lives.

After brainstorming what we’d like to do, (and how we would do it), everything seemed to “knit”, and lead us into the field of Tourism.   No, we don’t spout any University “degrees” or Industry “diplomas” for this field, more, just a sense of what comes from our hearts, our home, our family, and our land to which we are guardians of for a very short time.

And, as for the gaps…not anymore! as today they are contently being filled with people who we have met over the years, and hope of those who we will have the pleasure to meet in our future.

        We hope we may have the pleasure of meeting you!