The Kumeu region was the original commercial wine producing area of New Zealand. Today, it is home to some very well-known wineries; Soljan’s, Kumeu River, Cooper’s Creek, West Brook, to name but a few!

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Wine eco tour at Nobilos Auckland

We know much about the history surrounding the development of this area’s vineyards with Croatian immigrants that progressed from making ‘backyard’ Port and Sherry (of which our Mothers used to buy!), to the manufacture of multi award-winning Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot wine varieties of today.


beer-tasting at Hallertau brew bar

We have access to the expert advice of the staff of many of the wineries for wine tasting,
and some of these wineries include:


Coopers Creek vineyard Kumeu Coopers Creek
– Interesting to see the large wine silos up close. During summer they occasionally have Jazz concerts.

Kumeu River winery Kumeu River
– Can see grapevines up close.

Soljans Kumeu Soljans
– Restaurant on site. ($5 per person wine-tasting fee. If with dining, there is a $2.50 per person fee).
This winery moved in from out of town in 2002.

Westbrook winery Westbrook
– Beautiful gardens.

Hallertau logo Hallertau Brewbar
– if you fancy beer-tasting instead!!





# What winery will we be visiting?

We usually go to the Soljan’s winery but there are several wineries in this region. If you have a particular favourite, just let us know at booking time!

# Can we purchase wine from these wineries?

-Most definitely! Not only can you sample a huge variety, these are also available for you to buy.

# Would there be enough space in your vehicle if I bought several bottles?

– Certainly. The staff at the winery will also package it for you!

# What is the legal drinking age in NZ?

this is 18 years of age, and ID may be requested.