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Along with my husband Stu, we own and operate 'Coast to Coast Tours' - Auckland's Coast and Countryside tour. Based at Muriwai Beach we showcase the region where our family has lived and farmed since 1922. Established in Jan 2002 this tour is highly rated on TripAdvisor - (2016 Excellence Award) - with over 220 5-star reviews. ...We look forward to meeting you!

Senior-Friendly, Carbon Efficient, and Sustainable Auckland tours

By |January 17th, 2013|at our FARM|

Senior-friendly Our tour itinerary is geared for the mature adult traveler, in that we do not go hiking, or swimming, (or bungy-jumping)!  It is a good all-rounded (and slower-paced itinerary) suited to those who yearn to be hosted in the "old-fashioned" way! The commentary throughout the day will lend itself anywhere from politics to world [...]

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legally operated Auckland tours

By |January 17th, 2013|at our FARM|

Did you know.....that in New Zealand there are NO Food Safety Laws for food not "sold" during a tour (..or even a B&B stay)?! Today, there are many operators who choose to supply free food; ...invariably delicious! But, how do you really know what the facilities were like that were used to prepare, cook and [...]

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Auckland Film and Movie-Set Location – Coast to Coast Tours

By |February 2nd, 2013|at our FARM|

Auckland Film and Movie-Set Location Over the years Motutara Farm & Homestead has been used for various film and movie shoots, and magazine publications. The draw card for this is not only our close proximity to Auckland, but that our fixtures are historic and authentic. Many Producers report that to replicate the "age aspect" (for [...]

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Motutara Farm and Homestead

By |July 13th, 2013|at our FARM|

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to do an interview for the Valley Voice newspaper. Local historian and writer Lynnette Third has compiled our story in a great way!   More on Motutara Farm and Homestead history can be found on our History page And here is more on Stevie Magpie

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By |January 3rd, 2013|at our FARM|

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND TOURS SHEARING LAMBS It's late November and we have just shorn our lambs. Remember Naomi (black lamb) that was born this year? Well, here is a a video of her having her first hair-cut!

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By |August 20th, 2012|at our FARM|

AUCKLAND TOURS AUCKLAND SHEEP FARM LAMBS 2012 LAMBS ARE HERE for 2012 It's August, and our sheep are having their babies! Despite the very wet weather, lambing season here at Auckland's Coast to Coast Tours sheep farm is going fairly well. This year, we are seeing quite a bit of black-colouring coming through into our [...]

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By |June 25th, 2012|our ANIMALS|

GIRLIE LAMB Many of you will remember 'Girlie' (one of Penelope's lambs) born 15 Aug 2011. She was sooo tiny, and required a lot of care and attention. She [had to] accompany us on a Presentation into Tourism Auckland a couple of days after she was born as she needed to be fed while we [...]

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By |January 13th, 2012|at our FARM|

See what's going on in our orchard!

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New Zealand WETA, an endangered insect

By |November 8th, 2011|at our FARM|

New Zealand's giant weta insect has made the world news recently!See our video of this amazing (and endangered) insect...

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By |December 3rd, 2011|at our FARM|

The New Zealand Weta is an endangered insect What a find! I wanted to use some wooden boards the other day (which were stored under some trees). I had used these boards before and found a weta in them on that previous occasion, so I was 'cautious' (mainly because I am scared of creepy-crawly things!!). [...]

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