AUCKLAND TOURS – ‘BooBoo’ has her lambs

28 AUGUST 2009

‘BooBoo’ our mascot sheep has had her babies!

BooBoo is currently the sheep we use in the photos we take of our tourists, so many people will recognise her. The past few weeks as she has been heavily in-lamb, it has been exciting anticipation to guess what (and how many) lambs she would have. It had quite bad weather so BooBoo took herself under the woolshed to give birth. She had a boy (ram) and a girl (ewe) and both are doing very well.

Here are some photos…BooBoo and her lambs
BooBoo with her lambs

UPDATES on our other lambs…

Yes, all are doing well. BooBoo 005

This is Midget…she is a very “cheeky” little lamb, always jumping over things and squeezing into places she shouldn’t be!!

We have found a couple of older lambs which were obviously lost. As they were not getting adequate milk, we have brought them home to bottle-feed. These lambs have had little contact with humans, and because of this they are quite wild. They are in a small enclosure and we are having to re-train them how to suck again!…very time consuming, but if we left them in the paddock they would just die.

…and who is this???

it's PENELOPE! Penelope 1at '09 Penelope at '09

Yes Penelope, last year’s lamb.

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