Bush is the collective word for the New Zealand Native woodlands.

The word was first introduced after the early European Pioneers found difficulty in finding a correct definition for the vast areas of the New Zealand Flora.

The word ‘Forest’ did not apply, since a forest consists mainly of tall trees. Likewise, the word ‘scrub’ was inappropriate, as this word denotes sparse plantings of low lying shrubs.

So, after delving into the English language, these Pioneers found the word ‘bush’. Then, wherever their travels took them, they used this word to describe the woodlands. Hence today, as well as New Zealand using the word ‘bush’, so too is it used in Australia, regions in the Pacific, Africa and Canada.

During the Coast to Coast Eco-tour and Farm Visit AUCKLAND TOURS you will see different types of New Zealand bush. We will show and explain about many types of Native trees, then, later in the afternoon when we arrive at our nz sheep farm we will give you the opportunity to buy and plant your own Native tree to offset the Carbon emissions from your tour.