Coast to Coast Tours farm

Donna’s cat is called Oliver (Ollie for short). Ollie is a bit ‘weird’ as he likes to lie and hang upside down at every opportunity. He also likes to suck at your clothing when he is being cuddled….(he’s addicted to Polar Fleece fabric!!) Ollie wanders quite away and likes to sleep in the garden under the trees. He was born mid January 2004.

Ollie as a kitten  Ollie

 upsidedown Ollie cat!

Ollie also has a liking for jumping up onto your shoulders…(alright when you are expecting it!!!), but he’ll sit there quite happily as we are walking around.

Hello, from Ollie-1

  Naughty Ollie

Ollie cat on a sheep! Ollie cat at Auckland Coast to Coast Tours


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