We encourage you to read this Press Release as it describes the history of this project.

Each tree will be individually photographed, (people’s names are not given, just the tree tag numbers).

We are moving into uploading GPS co-ordinates…please bear with us during this time-consuming process (now over 500 trees!)

 transporting the Native trees over to be planted. Part of the Forest Reserve, Coast to Coast Tours, Auckland a carbon credit Native tree Stuart Hamilton planting Native trees Survey plan showing the location of the Covenant Areas within the Motutara Farm property

 Our own farm’s Carbon Sink Reserve is: Motutara Farm Forestry Sink Covenant No. 9653972.1
and is Registered with the NZ Government


A tags…

A01 - A10 TREE TAG A11 - A20 TREE TAG A21 - A30 TREE TAG A31 - A40 TREE TAG A41 - A50 TREE TAG

A51 - A60 TREE TAG A61 - A70 TREE TAG A71 - A80 TREE TAG A81 - A90 TREE TAG A91 - A100 TREE TAG

B tags…

B01 - B10 TREE TAG B11 - B20 TREE TAG B21 - B30 TREE TAG B31 - B40 TREE TAG B41 - B50 TREE TAG

B51 - B60 TREE TAG B61 - B70 TREE TAG B71 - B80 TREE TAG B81 - B90 TREE TAG B91 - B100 TREE TAG

C tags…

C01 - C10 TREE TAG C11 - C20 TREE TAG C21 - C30 TREE TAG C31 - C40 TREE TAG C41 - C50 TREE TAG

C51 - C60 TREE TAG C61 - C70 TREE TAG C71 - C80 TREE TAG C81 - C90 TREE TAG C91 - C100 TREE TAG

D tags…

D01 - D10 tree tag D11 - D20 tree tag D21 - D30 tree tag D31 - D40 tree tag  D41 - D50 tree tag

D51 - D60 tree tag D61 - D70 tree tag D71 - D80 tree tag D81 - D90 tree tag D91 - D100 tree tag

E tags…

E01-E10 E11-E20 E21-E30 E31-E40 E41-E50

E51-E60 E61-E70 E71-E80 E81-E90 E91-E100

The area we live in can receive little rain over the summer months, so we do a lot of tree planting in our winter/autumn. Later, tags are “assigned” to the trees. We find this method much better, as the tree is then established.

 If you have purchased a tree; (during a special tour), and your tree dies – IT WILL BE REPLACED free-of-charge