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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.
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# Do you operate every day?
– We operate from 31 August through to 30 April …and apart from; Dec 24, 25, 26, Jan 1, 2, Good Friday, and April 25. There MAY also be other days during the year when we have to close to attend to our farm work…(so a quick email to us is all that is needed to find this out)

# How many people will there be on these day trips?
– Our tours are normally small group (our regular Auckland tour is no more than 10 persons) and probably average between 4 and 8. This way, you will get personal service! If you require EXCLUSIVE (private) tour, please refer to our Auckland Private Tours website. If you require LARGE GROUP tour, please email us!

# I’m not in New Zealand yet, can I still make a tour booking?
– YES, please email us to make an inquiry.

# I get a bit car-sick, will there be plenty of stops during this Auckland day tour?
– YES, this is what makes us so appealing! We stop at least 5 times during the trip…and you don’t have to get out of the vehicle if you don’t wish to either! (There are also toilet facilities at each stop.) We are understanding, and always drive accordingly. There is usually a spare seat next to the driver-side, so request this if you feel the need!

# Is there a lot of walking on this tour?
– NO, the only ‘walk’ […and this is a stroll…]  is out to the sea-bird colony…and then you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

# Could this sightseeing tour be affected by the weather?
– Hmm…if only we could control the weather!! We carry coats, and there are boots to wear when we do our farm activities. Most of the outdoor activity is when you arrive at our farm, and if you cannot get outside to see the animals…well, we will bring some of the animals to see you! If you are in New Zealand for a few days, please check the long-range weather forecast…(it’s usually fairly accurate!)

# Where do your day trips leave from?
– We pick-up from ALL inner Auckland city accommodation. The Sky Tower (Hotel part), Ferry Buildings, or Britomart railway are other places for people staying ‘out-of-the-city’ to meet us at. Your pick-up location can be easily arranged at booking time.

# We’re staying outside your free pick-up zone, can you still pick us up?
– We are really sorry, but you will have to make your way into the City. The reason for this is because of time; -as others need to be picked-up in the morning. (…But DO ask us, because if you are just outside the pick-up zone then we may be able to drop you off after the tour!)

# Are there any extra costs on this tour?
– NO!…this is an ALL-inclusive day tour. All entry fees, lunch, wine & honey tasting, afternoon tea, transport, is INCLUDED. Your only costs come from what you choose to buy during the tour. Please note that you will have opportunity to shop on this tour, but in no way will you be pressured into doing so. (We receive absolutely NO commissions or payments for taking you to the places we stop at).

# What is this Carbon Credit Native Tree planting, and do I HAVE to participate?
-WE plant a Native tree for every tour we do, and a numbered tag is designated for each tree. This tree then becomes ‘tree-of-the-day’ which our guests become joint custodians of. We also have trees available if anyone wishes to purchase an individual tree, but this tree planting is entirely over to you, and if you do not wish to participate in it, no pressure will be put on you to do so.

# What is the cost of these tours?
– Firstly, we want you to get value for your $. We have had positive feedback relating to this. But, please compare our itinerary and price with other Auckland tours…(bearing in-mind that they may or may not include lunch, and may only take you to one or two places during the tour). Also, to our knowledge ‘Coast to Coast Tours’ is the only tour company in the Auckland area where you will visit the operator’s own farm, come inside their home for afternoon tea, and have a carbon credit Native tree to make your tour carbon neutral. For individuals, we do not take deposits, nor sting you with a cancellation fee or re-scheduling fee!! We also accept Visa/Mcard…sorry, we do NOT accept American Express.

# Can you provide an in-depth wine tasting tour?
– Wine-tasting is included on every tour we do, however, if you are a wine connoisseur and want expert guiding in wine tasting, we do suggest other Auckland wine tours.

# Can you provide multi-day tours?
-We are really sorry, but our tours are ONE day tours only. There are a few excellent Auckland NZ tours available, with many companies travelling to other regions on an Auckland bus tour. Alternatively, there is the Auckland Rotorua Tour, or other Auckland coach tours which can take you on multi-day tours. Also check-out Tripadvisor in the regions you wish to visit.


ALL prices quoted are in NZD

LUNCH on our Auckland tours

# Is lunch included in the tour price?
-YES, lunch is included on every tour, and this includes an alcoholic beverage if you desire!

# What kind of food is available?
– We stop at an upmarket cafe that serves a variety of NZ-european style foods. The choice is entirely up to you.

# Can I have an alcoholic beverage with my meal?
– YES, a glass of wine, beer, juice, soft-drink, tea OR coffee is included with the lunch.

# Can you cater for my dietary/religious requirements?
-YES, if you discuss this with us at time of booking, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

# Are children’s meals available?
– YES, (but we ask that you pay the cost of the lunch for your under 5 year olds. Lunch for children over 5 years is included)



ALL prices quoted are in NZD


– Shopping at the CRAFT MARKET

# What is the 15% discount voucher you will give to us?
The Craftmarket will give tour customers a discount on any goods purchased. The maximum is 15%. However some tour operators opt to take a percentage for themselves leaving the tourist with only 10% or even 5% discount. We pass the whole 15% discount onto our tourists…and PLEASE NOTE: we do not receive any commission for taking our tourists to this Craftmarket. This is not a “pressure-selling” stop!

# Will I be pressured into buying items from this shop?
– Certainly not!! The only reason we stop at ‘CraftWorld’ is because the items sold there have been made in New Zealand. We do not receive any commission or other incentive for bringing visitors to this store. (You don’t even have to go into ‘CraftWorld’ if you don’t wish to).

# What kind of crafts are there at this market?
– ‘CraftWorld’ has hundreds of different booths, each containing a different NZ crafter’s wares. Anything (and everything!) from NZ greenstone (pounamu), knitting, woodwork, quilting, carving, jewelry, pottery, paintings, ceramics…to name but a few.

# Have these crafts been made in New Zealand?
-YES, this is the reason why we favour this shop.

# Will these crafts be any cheaper than the souvenir shops in Auckland city?
– In some instances yes. However, many of these products are ‘one-offs’ and are not mass produced. Most of these items are unavailable in regular souvenir shops anyway.

# Oh! I saw an item I liked but my size/colour wasn’t there for me to buy on the day, what should I do?
-Talk to one of the sales assistants and place an order. Leave your contact details with us also.

# I’m not really interested in crafts, are there any other shops to look at instead?
-YES, within a few metres there is ‘Farmer’s’ (a department store), ‘No.1 Shoe Warehouse’ (a bargain shoe shop), ‘The Warehouse’ (a bargain department store), ‘JB HiFi’ (an appliance shop), ‘Noel Leeming’ (another appliance shop), ‘Starbucks Coffee’. (…and complimentary tea/coffee is also available inside the ‘CraftWorld’ store, along with toilet facilities). Plus, there’s even a Pet Shop close-by !!

# If I buy any products on this tour, will they be safe if I leave them in the vehicle?
– Most certainly! We have a lockable compartment in our van, and we always lock the vehicle if it is unattended.


ALL prices quoted are in NZD



# What winery will we be visiting?
– We usually go to the Soljan’s winery but there are several wineries in this region. If you have a particular favourite, just let us know at booking time!

# Can we purchase wine from these wineries?
– Most definitely! Not only can you sample a huge variety, these are also available for you to buy.

# Would there be enough space in your vehicle if I bought several bottles?
– Certainly. The staff at the winery will also package it for you!


ALL prices quoted are in NZD




– Auckland Tours AFTERNOON TEA

# Is Afternoon tea included on this Auckland tour?
– YES! Afternoon tea is included on all of our tours. This is inside our farm Homestead (not served on the roadside, like is common on most Auckland tours!).

PLEASE NOTE: Donna is Food Handling Certified.

# What is the afternoon tea?
This is New Zealand’s “famous” dessert called Pavlova. It’s homemade, and served with your choice of tea/herbal tea/coffee

# I have food allergies, do I have an alternative?
Donna has food allergies too! so we can appreciate this situation. You are not expected to eat this food…(it is included in your tour price), but if there is anything else you require instead then please do let us know at booking time and we will try our best to accommodate this.