July 19 2008 – FIRST ORPHAN LAMB

Our first orphan lamb was found tonight, (in the Pine tree paddock). It is a little girl, and we have named her Penelope.

Stuart with Penelope lamb

As her mother was nowhere to be found, we have brought her home to bottle feed. We would prefer not to have to do this…”their own mothers make the best mothers”, but sometimes the lamb gets lost, or the mother wanders off, and it would be a shame to leave these babies to die. Hopefully Penelope will adjust to the special milk formula that substitutes sheep’s milk. Most lambs find it agreeable, but there are some that have problems with it (-usually diarrhoea)…we will wait and see, and keep you up-to-date!

We have started Penelope off on a colostrum substitute; (colostrum is the first ‘rich’ milk that a mammal produces, and it’s full of antibodies). Then we will be feeding her the milk formula, little and often, for the next couple of days (100mls every 2 hours), increasing this amount only when we can be sure she won’t have any reaction to the substitute milk.

Penelope lamb feeding Penelope lamb

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