Happy Birthday Stevie

October 25 2010

It was during the Labour weekend (in 1994) when we found our Magpie ‘Stevie’. She was just sitting under a tree, (obviously having fallen out of the nest). More on Stevie’s story.

Recently, Stevie had taken a tiny chip out of her beak, so we had to take her to the vet to ask his advice. The vet wonders if Stevie has a slight mineral/vitamin deficiency?? (as she is blind she is 100% dependent on what I give her to eat). Stevie now has a small amount of extra minerals & vitamins added to her diet. The vet has recommended leaving Stevie’s beak alone as it is not worrying her.

Stevie Magpie Stevie Magpie 1

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Stevie Magpie1