Soon, a South Pacific country will be hosting a major world sports game.

If all this sounds rather vague, I’m sorry!

but I am NOT allowed to mention even a snip of information connected to [this event], because the rights to do so are very heavily protected. I’d like to be more specific, be able to tell you what this is; …tell you the name of the sport and game, …tell you the year connected to [this sporting event], …and tell you where the games are going to be played. I’d like to be able to direct you to the ‘Official’ website of [this sporting event], (but again, sorry, that too is also a definite no-no!!)
I CAN offer you information about surrounding regions, (where to stay & what to do, since [this sporting event] will be attracting many overseas visitors who are already wanting information about the host country), but I can NOT tell you in relation to [this sporting event], not even if I place a disclaimer in my reference which says; “I am not officially connected to [this sporting event]”!!

In fact, no institution, or business, unless “authorised” …(but here, one cannot ‘gain’ authorisation!), have the rights to be making any connection to [this event], AT ALL.
Each and every citizen needs to be aware of this Rights Protection Law surrounding [this major sporting event].
This Law even goes as far as prohibiting a school from holding a colouring-in competition that refers to [this sporting event], or the players, or the teams involved.

It is understandable to have strict laws to protect Official Sponsors of [this event] from ‘unauthorised competition’ since these Sponsors have poured mega-bucks into advertising etc., however, many other businesses are already advertising [this event] on a large scale. Some have been doing so since September last year, displaying countdown-clocks, advertising packages, forming ‘Associations’, and ‘Stables of Activities’ connected to [this sporting event]. It appears that this Law is not being upheld, and it is more than evident that this law is poorly policed by the ‘official’ Rights Protection Organisation handling the law to [this sporting event]. Given that this Rights Protection Law states; “$150,000 fine and 5 years jail if found in-breach of ANY unauthorised referencing”, how does this now make you feel?

As citizens and small businesses of the host country, who wish to get behind [this sporting event], and promote it in a positive way, is the extreme measure of this Protection Law entirely fair?

And, more to the point, did YOU KNOW about this Law?

Please do note…It may appear that that my words are ‘sour grapes’…but they are NOT.
IF this Law is to stand, in FAIRNESS, it should be to ALL businesses.

IT’S OFFICIAL……out NOW (28 April 2010)….the ‘user-friendly’ Guide to [this sporting event] rules & regulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the Protection Period prohibiting reference to [this sporting event] in conjunction with your business began in September 2008 and ends 21 November 2011, they publish this NOW??????

(the above link takes you to the Tourism Auckland website, where you will find a link to open a 4MB PDF)