Officially, September marks the start of Spring in New Zealand.

The weather has improved; (dare I say it?? ), and the sun has a bit more strength which is certainly good for the lambs on our farm.

fruit-tree blossom

Our new fruit orchard is growing very nicely. The trees are blossoming, and our avocado tree is superb!

A lot of Native trees are also flowering, making it very pretty. Enjoy these photos!

Kowhai tree, NZ Native Kowhai (close-up) NZ Native birds like Tui & Bellbird love these flowers as they are full of nectar. Driving around New Zealand at this time of the year, you can spot the yellow of the Kowhai -(pronounced kor-fy)- growing in amongst the bush.

Clematis Another flower that is seen growing in the bush at this time of the year is the Clematis. This is a vine which creeps upwards and grows on top of the trees, so you can see pockets of white flowers. (We have several vines growing in our Carbon Credit tree nursery for you to see as well).

Another unusual plant is the Chatham island forget-me-not. Chatham island forget-me-not

Chatham island forget-me-not (close-up) The Chatham islands (or Chathams, as they are often called), are a group of about 10 islands off the South Island of NZ (to the East). They are quite rugged and wind-swept islands, and these plants like a shaded and damp area to grow in. They are suited to the corner of our garden which does not get that much sunlight and remains fairly wet.

NEW: Check-out the latest discovery…..2 new forget-me-not flowers have been discovered in New Zealand.
Needless to say, they are extremely endangered!

Kaka-beak tree (red) Another beautiful flowering tree is the Kaka-beak tree. Actually, it really flowers more in late winter, and is very prolific when not much else is in flower. There are several colours; red, pink and cream.

Kaka-beak tree (cream) The Kaka-beak tree is named after the Kaka – a NZ Native birdcan you see why??

kaka beak tree

Poor Knight's lily This is the Poor Knight’s lily…a magnificent plant, but oh so temperamental! Usually upto 15 years to get to flower! It comes from the Poor Knight’s (a group of islands off the coast of Northland). The lily does not like wet ground, but loves to feel its roots compacted. We planted ours in an elevated bed, and placed rocks in the bottom, before we planted it. We have several plants; this one is the first time it has flowered!

Because I have pet birds, I like to be able to feed them some wild foods. One small growing tree we have growing; (Coprosma), produces berries in the summer months, and the birds love them! Here, you can see the ‘flowers’ which will later develop into bright orange berries. This tree grows like a weed and we use the foliage for our birds to chew on too.

flowers that will later turn into berries flowers to berries (close-up) berries will be ripe in late summer

Another prolific growing plant is flax; (though it is strictly not flax!). The Maori name is harakeke. (some interesting references)
See my video on weaving a putiputi (flower).

flax-seeds Here you can see the seeds which shower everywhere when they drop! I am forever transplanting the baby seedlings and usually put a big pile out at the front gate for anyone to take home and plant as these plants are very good at holding soil together to stop erosion.

view of part of our back-yard Native garden 1

Come and visit us during Spring time so we can show and explain about all these lovely flowers and plants!