SEPTEMBER 24th 2008 – …and it HAD to go!

Our “Tornado tree” had become a concern. Every time the wind blew strongly, more branches would come down on our farm, and our woolshed -so we finally had to have it cut down. What a mission, because it was so tall, (with one of the 3 main trunks hanging over the woolshed). A local earth moving & digger company; Boler Construction, officiated with the removal. These pictures show the process.

making the cut

tree down 1

clearing the timber

now a different landscape clear landscape

>>>UPDATE ON PENELOPE As you can see, Penelope has grown…a LOT!! (and getting too heavy to lift). She still has 3 full bottles of milk per day. All of our orphan lambs go out into a big paddock where there is plenty of grass, and they come running when it is time to have their bottle!

Penelope. Sept-26-08 Penelope Sept-26-08 … and, remember this picture?? Penelope July 19-08

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