Did you know…..that in New Zealand there are NO Food Safety Laws for food not “sold” during a tour (..or even a B&B stay)?! Today, there are many operators who choose to supply free food; …invariably delicious! But, how do you really know what the facilities were like that were used to prepare, cook and store the food that you are consuming?

Food Handling Certified

Ah…FREE food is great! But don’t you want to know it has been prepared, cooked and stored correctly so it is safe to eat?

For our tours, I took it upon myself to become Food Handling Certified (even though there was no legal requirement for me to do so), and, as you also come into our home, you are able to see where the food was prepared.

This is our extra commitment to ensuring your safety, and we trust that you can appreciate our quality difference!

Sorry… there’s also NO “Under 5 year-olds travel free if not occupying a seat” on our tours!

Operating this type of transportation is illegal. Passenger vehicles have a maximum number of passengers they are allowed to carry.
ALL passengers (be they 1 day old or 110 years old) are required by Law to sit in a seat and wear a seat-belt (in vehicles that have seat-belts fitted). Really, in today’s vehicles, what vehicle doesn’t?  Why would you put your child’s safety at risk?


Coast to Coast Tours is REGISTERED with the Auckland Council to take tourists to Parks.

If you book with a tour company that advertises they visit Auckland Parks and Reserves but who is not registered, you are supporting an illegal operator!