MEALWORMS …Winter food for birds

July 27 2009

For anyone caring for an insect-eating bird, the winter months are a hard time to find enough adequate food. During the summer, I had an abundance of cicadas (like a small locust) that I could catch out in the field (for free!!), but now that these have all gone, I have to buy mealworms. These are very clean bugs, (not at all like maggots…no way could I even touch them if they were!!). Mealworms eat bran, a little bit of apple & carrot & potato.

These worms are quite slow to grow, so 2,000 of them last a while. Stevie loves to eat them and along with any bug which may come our way, she keeps quite well. I buy these mealworms from Biosuppliers.

It’s always neat to hear the first cicada chirping as it means an abundance of food is again not too far away.

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