This week we have concentrated on doing some farm work. After so much rain (and being away on our 2 month vacation!), it’s time to get back to work!! Our kiwifruit needed to be harvested and after several storms knocked off heaps of pinecones, we gathered a whole lot up for our fire. We are finishing the landscaping on our recently renovated farm cottage…plants and bark arriving soon!

Auckland sheep farm tours cottage garden

Then, sadly, we had to say farewell to our oldest sheep; “Wolfman” (we miss you already Wolfie!)

Auckland sheep farm

End of an era
of calf-club days
petal-patterns and sand-saucer displays.

Raised away
for one to be judged,
then returned to us
to become much loved.

With a name-change to match your new frame…
The Wolfman;
seemed to live on and on –

Now this last winter chill has made you so light
though our memories past are still well within mind,
It’s time my man,
we sadly bid you; “Good Night”

RIP Wolfie – (aka John-boy Francis named after the Francis family who raised him for an Ag. Day lamb back in 2000).