‘Coast to Coast Tours’ LOGO

“…the land, the sea, and the Pohutukawa tree”

Auckland Coast to Coast Tours logo

When original owners Donna & Stu formed Coast to Coast Tours, they wanted a logo to symbolise the things that were going to represent not only themselves, but also their area; North West Auckland.

These elements were;
[green] -the land (which comes from their farm),
[blue] -the sea (which is Muriwai Beach, on the West Coast of Auckland), and
[red] -the Pohutukawa tree (which is very special to Donna and Stu as it was the first tree which Stuart’s mother planted on their New Zealand sheep farm when she arrived in 1922)

Pohutukawa tree

It is also fitting that there are three pieces to our logo, since the number three is very important in Maori Theology; (representing the three ‘baskets of knowledge’)

The company is named ‘Coast to Coast’ because the tour begins on the East COAST of Auckland, and travels over to the West COAST of Auckland during the tours.