The fabulous FEIJOA fruit

A lovely way to harness the flavour of the Feijoa is to make jelly (‘clear’ jam).

Feijoa jelly jam GET THE step-by-step FEIJOA JELLY RECIPE HERE

When the FEIJOA is in season in New Zealand (March – early June), everyone does something with the fruit. Children gather them and sell them on the roadside for pocket money…people make crumble, smoothies and muffins. And, if you are really organised, you can scoop out the pulp and put it in the freezer, because, alas, all too soon, the feijoa season will have ended!

The feijoa is not native to New Zealand, (it originated in South America), but it’s a fruit tree that almost everybody has growing in their backyard. Often grown to form a hedge, the hardy shrubs have the added bonus of bearing fruit! Some people do not like the taste of the feijoa fruit, because they are rather ‘perfumed’ in flavour. (Don’t let this put you off, those folk are out numbered!!)

If you are visiting New Zealand during this time, do take the opportunity to experience the flavour of this fabulous fruit. It’s a little bit like banana, pear (along with the same texture of a pear), and slightly lemony/pineapple. There are several varieties with the sizes of the fruit varying significantly. When you eat a feijoa, just cut the fruit in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

The Feijoa tree feijoa flowers The Feijoa fruit