Luggage Storage Facilities in Auckland


If you are disembarking from a Cruise Boat, or arrive in Auckland before Hotel check-in time, or have large bags that you don’t want to carry around with you for the day, what do you do with them???

bring your luggage on Auckland Coast to Coast Tours

There is very little luggage storage facilities in Auckland!

Hotel check-in time is usually 2pm (many Hotels will store your bags until this time), however, it does mean finding your way to your Hotel first to drop off your bags, before continuing on with your day!

The Britomart Rail Centre (Downtown) does have a few coin-operated lockers
but there aren’t very many, so they will most likely be occupied anyhow!

33 SMALL lockers at $1 for the first hour, and 0.50c per hour (upto 18 hours)

12 LARGE lockers at $2 for the first hour, and $1 per hour (upto 13 hours)
Note: these prices may be subject to change!

Coast to Coast Tours can accommodate a few passengers with luggage.

Optional Airport transfer is available at an extra NZD20 per person

Please contact us us if you require your luggage to accompany you on your tour (as space will be limited!).